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Shopping For a New Heating and Cooling System

Where Do I Begin? Sure, summer might be winding down, but don’t forget how hard your HVAC has been working during these hot summer days. If “I need a new HVAC” has crossed your mind this summer, then it’s probably … Continue reading

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How Does a High Efficiency Air Conditioner Work?

Improvements in Technology to Accommodate Your Pocketbook High efficiency seems to be showing up in all different spaces – when choosing a laundry detergent, processes in the workplace, even speakers; who knew? But when it comes to knowing and understanding … Continue reading

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Winner of the Carrier System Giveaway is in for a Treat

The “Best System Available” A couple weeks ago we told you about Jacqueline Zender of Litchfield who was the proud winner of our Carrier HVAC system for her home. The whole kit and caboodle, given away to Jacqueline, the lucky … Continue reading

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