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When is the Best Time to Service Your HVAC System

Know when to service your HVAC system and save money Ask most people when they service their furnace or air conditioning unit and they’ll probably tell you they have it serviced when it breaks! Of course. However there are a … Continue reading

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Understand the Benefits of Heating Your Garage

Things you should know about heating your garage The garage is an extension of a home, and although most of us use them simply for storage or to park our cars, there is a growing trend to heat the garage … Continue reading

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What Causes Accidental Gas Explosions?

Understanding the dangers of gas leaks We occasionally learn of gas explosions in the news, whether it be at a private residence or place of business. Often times the structure is left in ruins. Too often human lives are lost. Some … Continue reading

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Myths About Home Heating in the Winter

What you need to know about heating your home It seems as if everyone has heard myths about home heating in the winter; what causes heating issues and what might fix them. From insulating your attic to replacing your windows … Continue reading

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How Do You Know Your CO Detector is Working?

Is low-level carbon monoxide going unnoticed in your home? According to the Journal of American Medical Association, carbon monoxide poisoning is a significant health risk and claims the lives of about 500 people each year. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Air Conditioning Unit Last Longer

A Simple Trick to Preserve Your AC Two words – Turtle Wax. Okay, so the turtle wax will make the outside look great, but it will take a little more than that to keep the inside strong and sustainable. Take … Continue reading

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Why is My AC Running All the Time?

Well you better go catch it! Bad joke…our bad. Jokes aside, let’s break down one of the biggest myths out there regarding your HVAC. Have you ever thought to yourself, “My AC is constantly running in hot weather. There must … Continue reading

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