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Why Do Furnaces Fail?

Why your furnace fails Furnaces are essential in the Midwest – and when they don’t operate properly, it truly is a moment of panic.  How can you get the furnace fixed before everyone freezes in your house?  There are typical … Continue reading

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What is a Heat Exchanger and Why Should I Care?

Understanding a key component of your furnace Furnace repairs are, for some people, like visiting the garage for a car engine repair.  The experts speak in a language that you don’t understand, talking about parts and components as if you’re … Continue reading

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What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat When on Vacation?

The winter months mean two things: cold temps and warm vacation spots! The question many homeowners have is, “at what temperature should I set my thermostat when on vacation?” Of course, no one wants to pay more for their gas … Continue reading

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Airflow and Air conditioning Issues are Separate Matters

Maintaining consistent temperature in your home Your guest bedroom, maybe the room over the garage or the breakfast nook. It’s not unusual for many of us to have rooms in our home that are hotter in the summer and cooler … Continue reading

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