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Possible Reasons Your Furnace is Not Working

Furnace failure checklist Living in Minnesota means needing a reliable furnace. And let’s face it- we take for granted we’ll come home from November-March and have a heated home. But, what happens when you come home from work, ready to … Continue reading

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Benefits of Checking, Changing and Cleaning Your Furnace Air Filter

Keep you air quality clean. There are countless benefits of checking, changing and cleaning your furnace air filter no matter the season. Among some of the best reasons include: It extends the lifespan of your furnace. A furnace with clean … Continue reading

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Tech Tips: Three Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Oh the weather outside is frightful. It shows no signs of stopping yet, so here are three ways to combat the winter blues and save some energy while your furnace works overtime.

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Will a more expensive furnace filter perform better?

Does spending more money guarantee that you’ll get a superior product? When it comes to your furnace filter, the answer is, “It depends!” Filters are rated using Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) – the higher the MERV rating, the better the … Continue reading

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How Do I Know When I Need to Change My Furnace Filter?

You know that you need to change your warm air furnace filter in order to keep your furnace running effectively and to improve your home’s air quality. But how do you know when to change it? The first place to … Continue reading

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Tips to Keep your Furnace Running All Winter

We tend to take technology for granted until we don’t have it. At my house, the dishwasher recently broke down, and I am counting the days until the replacement comes in—wow am I sick of washing dishes by hand!  One … Continue reading

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Getting My Furnace Ready for Minnesota Winter

On a recent chilly morning I was digging through my entry closet, searching in vain for my missing glove. Sigh. Oftentimes we don’t remember something until we need it, and if we can’t find it or it’s broken we’re out … Continue reading

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