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What is a Heat Exchanger and Why Should I Care?

Understanding a key component of your furnace Furnace repairs are, for some people, like visiting the garage for a car engine repair.  The experts speak in a language that you don’t understand, talking about parts and components as if you’re … Continue reading

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What Causes Accidental Gas Explosions?

Understanding the dangers of gas leaks We occasionally learn of gas explosions in the news, whether it be at a private residence or place of business. Often times the structure is left in ruins. Too often human lives are lost. Some … Continue reading

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Protect your family with a Carbon Monoxide alarm

As temperatures drop more and more Minnesotans are turning on their furnaces and heaters to keep the Minnesota winter chill at bay. But when you turn up the heat this winter it is also important to remember these safety tips … Continue reading

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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm from Carrier

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), carbon monoxide (CO) exposures and poisonings occur more often during the fall and winter, when people are more likely to use gas furnaces, heaters and generators in their homes. Some common symptoms … Continue reading

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