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How to Make Your Air Conditioning Unit Last Longer

A Simple Trick to Preserve Your AC Two words – Turtle Wax. Okay, so the turtle wax will make the outside look great, but it will take a little more than that to keep the inside strong and sustainable. Take … Continue reading

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Why Is It an Air Conditioner and Not an Air Cooler?

Cooling vs. Conditioning Seems like a great question, right? You have an “air conditioner” that cools the air in your home so you and your family feel comfortable. But, why is it an air conditionerand not an air cooler? By any … Continue reading

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Shopping For a New Heating and Cooling System

Where Do I Begin? Sure, summer might be winding down, but don’t forget how hard your HVAC has been working during these hot summer days. If “I need a new HVAC” has crossed your mind this summer, then it’s probably … Continue reading

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Save Money Thanks to Your College Student

To Close or Not to Close Your Vents The suitcases are loaded in the car, the new extra long twin sheets for dorm mattresses are bought and the long goodbye is done. Your new college student is off into the … Continue reading

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How to Prep Your HVAC For Fall

Fall is Coming! You’ve spent all summer worshiping your air conditioning and thanking it every day for providing you cool comfort. Those mid-August heat advisories would have driven some to extreme measures had it not been for the blessings of … Continue reading

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How To Prep Your Home Before a Vacation

Another Packing List Before Heading Off On Vacation Sunscreen? Check. Swimming suit? Check. Airplane tickets? Check. Prepping your AC? Wait…really? That’s right! If you don’t know how to prep your home before a vacation, you’ll want to continue reading.

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Ways To Enjoy the Minnesota State Fair With Your Family

The Great Minnesota Get-Together It’s that time of year again! Time for greasy cheese curds, tall cups of Minnesota milkshakes and enough people watching to last you through next year. Yep, it’s Minnesota State Fair time and here at Stay … Continue reading

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