Protect Your Home During Summertime

How to Weatherize Your Home

Energy efficiency isn’t just a cold-weather topic. Summertime is a great time to weatherize your home to help keep it cool and comfortable and help save energy and dollars. Here are some simple tips to weatherize your Minnesota home for the summer:

Summer Home Maintenance

Air Conditioning Unit:

Is it in good working condition with clean filters? Having a check-up on your air conditioning unit and keeping the filters clean will ensure it’s running properly and as efficiently as possible. Manage your thermostat too, by keeping your home at a higher temperature when you’re gone, but programmed to cool off by the time you’re home from work (or play).

Caulking & Sealing:

Doors and windows are common culprits of air leaks – losing lots of cool air and allowing hot air to enter your home. Spend some time and look at your seals and replace and repair them as needed. High quality caulk will help seal those leaks and keep your home more comfortable and efficient.


If needed, replace worn out doors altogether. But many times new door jams and weather-stripping will do the trick. These things wear out over time and need replacement. They’re relatively easy do-it-yourself projects, too!

Insulate Outlets:

Many people don’t realize how much air can be leaked through outlets and switches. Insulating outlets and switches are a super easy project and can make a big difference in the amount of cool air you can lose to the great outdoors. Consult your local hardware store for product options.

Room Darkening Shades & Fans:

Keep the hot sun out of your home at peak times of the day with room darkening shades or blinds. Simply closing off the sun from entering your home can help keep your rooms cooler. Also consider running fans (ceiling or floor) to help circulate the air in your home.

It seems like most of us rely most heavily on our air conditioning system to keep us cool. But don’t lose any of that valuable cool air by ignoring potential issues in your home. Spend a day sealing up the leaks in your home and follow these simple tips for a comfortable and affordable summer season.

Carrier Products

For home maintenance and comfort tips, visit! Stay Comfy, Minnesota is your Minnesota resource for air conditioning repair, furnace repair and HVAC tips and advice.

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