Home Energy Audit Tips

Tips for a Home Energy Inspection

Energy EfficiencyA home energy checkup helps owners determine where their house is losing energy and money – and how these problems can be corrected to make the home more energy efficient. A professional technician — often called a home energy auditor — can give your home a checkup or an inspection, and help you fix any problems your home may have – saving you money!

Where do you find an inspector to help you with your home energy audit? Here are some tips:

Private Companies

Do a web-search for home energy audit companies in your area. These companies do extensive testing in your home to determine where you are losing energy and money. Oftentimes they’ll use special equipment to survey your home and can help you with any fixes you might need.

  • Blower door test – checks for air tightness
  • Thermographic inspection – detects thermal defects and air leakage

Utility companies

Many times your local utility company can provide you with a home energy audit. They too will do a thorough inspection and provide you with a list of items for repair. Call your utility company to see if they offer such a service.


You can do a basic home energy audit yourself by consulting energy.gov for specific tips on what to do. Basically you can check the following areas in your home:

  • Drafty windows and doors – make a plan to seal them, replace the caulk or weather stripping.
  • Insulation levels – make sure the levels of insulation are adequate (you need proper ventilation too!)
  • Inspect heating and cooling systems – clean the filters and look for any obvious defects.
  • Lighting – change out those old light bulbs! Lighting accounts for about 10 percent of your energy bill. Switching to energy efficient bulbs can also save you money.
  • Appliances – are you due for an energy-efficient upgrade? Do it. Unplug appliances that aren’t used regularly.

A thorough energy audit or inspection is done by a professional, but you can get a decent idea on how inefficient your home is with a personal walk-through and checklist. Don’t assume that your ‘new’ home is draft-free, either. Every home has an opportunity to improve its energy efficiency.

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