Identifying Common Air Conditioning Problems

Common Problems With Air Conditioning Unitsair conditioning problems

If you’re like me, you came home from a weekend away to the first nice hot afternoon in months. One in which needed a shot of air conditioning to bring down the temperature and humidity in your home. What happened to you when you flipped the switch to the “cool” setting? Did your air conditioning kick-in like it’s supposed to, or did you find yourself aggravated, knowing you’d need to make a service call in the morning? I had to make a call. What are some common air conditioning problems homeowners encounter?

Refrigerant issues

Freon is a common culprit for problems when air conditioning is on the fritz. It can be low, perhaps your unit has a leak or it needs a re-charge. All of these common issues are resolved with a visit from an air conditioning professional and is a relatively quick fix.


If you have skipped your regular air conditioning check-ups in the past couple of years, you may find yourself with corrosion issues of the terminals and wires. This too, is something a professional can diagnose and clean-up for you so your unit can cool properly.

Thermostat issues

Often times it’s as simple as bad batteries in your thermostat that is stopping your unit from operating as you’d like. Change the batteries, check the temperature setting as well, and make sure all electrical connections are secure and you haven’t blown a fuse.


Although it doesn’t seem like a little dirt or leaves could mess with your entire system – it can!   When your filters are filthy or clogged, they can cause fan and compressor issues or failure. You will need your air conditioning unit to be in great condition this summer and hopefully you’ll have a worry-free cooling season. But if problems arise, consider these common problems first, then if necessary, contact your local certified air conditioning technician for any repairs. Stay cool, Minnesota! CARRIER-1 For more energy saving and home comfort tips, visit! Stay Comfy, Minnesota is your Minnesota resource for air conditioning repair, furnace repair and HVAC tips and advice.

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