Summertime Home Maintenance Checklist

Warm Weather House Projects

It’s time to get outside and enjoy the lovely warmer temperatures and sunshine.  It’s also time to take a look around your home and take care of a few warm weather projects.  Here is a summertime home maintenance checklist for you to follow, to help spruce up your home and yard.

Keep the Cool: With the air conditioning season approaching, it’s time to call in an Minnesota air conditioning expert for a check-up on your air conditioning unit to make sure it’s in top operating condition. Also, take some time to clean your windows and screens so you can open things up and let the fresh air in (when it’s not too hot).  Don’t forget to clean your ceiling fans so they can be used to help circulate the air in your home.

Exterior Inspection:  Walk around your home with a critical eye – does your siding need washing or replacement? Are there areas that need simple repairs?  Take care of those things before they ‘grow’ and become bigger issues. Touch up with paint the areas that need a little TLC and consider cleaning and staining your deck if needed.

Landscaping and Lighting: Curb appeal is huge – does your home have it? Tidy up your yard by keeping your lawn neatly trimmed. Freshen up your gardens with mulch and consider adding fresh flowers to planters or gardens. Also make sure your outside lighting is working – replace bulbs and fixtures to keep your home well-lit.

Driveways and Walkways:  Inspect for cracks and holes and make needed repairs. If there are weeds growing, kill them verses pulling them (as they can add to your crack problems). Sweep and clean the area surrounding your home to keep things looking well cared for.

Some years the maintenance needs are bigger than others, but it’s important to every year, take some time to inspect your home and do what is necessary to maintain the value of your home. Once the projects are complete, you can grab that glass of lemonade and hit the hammock.


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