Create an Energy Efficient Home While on Vacation

Summer Home Energy Efficiency Tips

Summertime means vacation time. Not only does your vacation require planning, leaving your home for a few weeks or even a weekend getaway also requires some special attention. Here are summer energy saving tips for your home while you’re on vacation. Summer Vacation

Unplug – Don’t waste energy by leaving home with your miscellaneous small appliances plugged in.  These all use energy while sitting idle.  So, unplug your toaster, fans, microwave, computer and TV.

Reset – Your water heater probably has a vacation mode setting so that you can cut standby heating losses. You don’t need all that hot water with no one doing laundry, dishes or showering.

Keep the cool – Reduce the amount of sunlight that comes into your home. Shut the shades or blinds to help minimize the sun’s effect on your house while you’re away. Plus, this will help prevent furniture fading.

Not too cool – Don’t forget that you can raise the setting on your thermostat on your way out the door. Unless you are leaving pets behind, you can set your thermostat at 85 or higher for the air conditioner setting.  It’ll be brutally hot when you return, so consider asking a friend or neighbor to pop in a day before you return home to set it lower for your arrival.

Don’t forget – Check before you leave to make sure ceiling fans are turned off (we sometimes forget to look up). No need to circulate the air when no one is home.

Splurge – The one thing worth keeping plugged in are lights that work on a timer. It’s important for your home to look like you’re still around (keeps the bad guys away). Use a system that can turn lights off and on randomly during the day and evening. This use of electricity is worth it!

Don’t forget to stop your mail and newspaper and have someone routinely check your property to make sure things looks like you left them. By taking care of these details ahead of time, you can save some energy, some money, and have the peace of mind that allows you to just focus on having a great summer vacation!

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