Home Cooling and Air Conditioning Myths

The Truth About Home Cooling

When the rain finally stops and the heat kicks in, it’s important to remember there are a few misconceptions out there regarding home cooling and air conditioning. What’s the real story on keeping your house cool and comfortable during the upcoming hot summer months?

Myth: Ceiling fans cool a room

Although ceiling fans cool our skin, they don’t change the actual temperature of the room. So, you can use fans to help keep you cool, but once you’re out of the room, leaving the fan on won’t cool the air – it’ll just keep moving it around.


Myth: New appliances always save money

Well, they should save you money – but if you have a new energy efficient appliance installed improperly or a unit that is the wrong size for your space, you won’t be saving the money you expect to save. The key is to have a reputable HVAC company like Stay Comfy, install and service your unit so you can be sure you’ll maximize your investment with energy and utility bill savings.

Myth: There is no real benefit to setting the thermostat higher at night or when you’re away

There is countless evidence that the longer a home is set at a higher temperature at night or when you’re away (vacation or at work) the more money and energy you save. So, get a programmable thermostat, set it, and make your life easy, comfortable and your home more efficient this summer!

Myth: Turning the air conditioning unit off and on actually uses more energy than just leaving it on

When the unit is set on the ‘on’ position it is using electricity. You save energy (and money) when you turn the unit to the ‘off’ position – it doesn’t take more energy to turn the unit off and on. So, if the forecast looks cool, turn that air conditioning unit off!

Myth: To cool the house faster, really drop the setting on the thermostat

Your air conditioning unit doesn’t work any faster to drop the temperature 10 degrees vs. four degrees. It cools your home at the same rate, regardless of how far it has to go. To keep your home comfortable at all times, manage the temperature with a programmable thermostat.

Keep these truths in mind when the time comes to use your air conditioning unit, and you’ll have a summer with a comfortable home, and energy and utility bill savings, as well.

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