Protect Wood Furniture with Humidity Control

Tips to Protect Wood Furniture

Many homeowners have a lot invested in wood furniture or floors in their homes. That investment needs protecting! With summer weather just around the corner, the humidity levels in your home are on the rise. How can you protect your valuable wood furniture with proper humidity control?

Humidity levels affect woods in different ways. Too much humidity during the summer months can result in swelling or bulging (doors that won’t quite shut) and potentially mold growth. Too little humidity in the winter can make woods shrink, splinter and crack. But, you can help prevent damage by following some simple precautions.

Humidify/Dehumidify: In the summer the relative humidity should not exceed 55% in the main level of the house with proper dehumidification and air conditioning. You should not need to operate the humidifier during the summer months. In the winter, you usually need to add moisture to your home, so utilize the humidifier as needed.

Reduce Sunlight: If you have valuable wood pieces in front of a giant picture window, that sunlight is absolutely affecting the wood. The same holds true if you have pieces too close to a heat source like a fireplace. Some options to reduce potential damage is to move the furniture to a different area of the room, cover the piece with table-pads or a table cloth, or close the drapes to reduce the sunlight that can cause drying and splitting.

Clean Regularly: Floors and furniture should be cleaned regularly with a dry soft cloth. Do not ever use damp cloths or mops to clean wood.

Polish Occasionally: Wood needs to have some extra protection so, occasionally use polish (sparingly) to help them stay properly hydrated and beautiful. Follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding which product you use – and don’t ever mix products, as that can cause damage and build-up.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort or money to maintain the valuable wood features in your home. Make a plan to routinely check on the health of your pieces and regularly take care of them with proper cleaning, polish, and home humidity control. With proper care, your beautiful wood pieces can last for generations.

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