How to Celebrate Earth Day

Projects for Earth Day this April

The arrival of spring alone, is something worth celebrating in Minnesota. Another important day is April 22, Earth Day. Started in 1970, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement. For all of us, it is a day to do something friendly for the environment – something that is simple but significant. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day.


One-Time Projects

Plant a Tree – Earth Day is close to Arbor Day so it makes sense to plant a tree! Planting a tree reduces greenhouse gasses, secures the soil by preventing erosion, and also provides shade. Find a tree that is conducive to your climate and yard and make it a fun project for your family.

Nature Craft – there are a lot of fun and easy crafts for you and your family to do together to celebrate Earth Day. Perhaps you could build a birdhouse or feeder for your yard, or a bird bath. All these items will help encourage your local bird population to visit, thrive and stay.

Get Moving – take a walk or ride your bike instead of taking the car on Earth Day. While you’re walking, help clean up the walkways and streets by collecting trash along the way. It’s an easy way to help the environment and the activity is good for you, too!


Long-Term Projects

Light Bulbs – it can be completed in a day, but the benefits last for a long, long time. Change out your traditional light bulbs for energy efficient ones and reduce your home energy consumption (save money), and greenhouse gas emissions as well.

Practice the “3 R’s” Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – make it a part of your lifestyle from this point forward. Take along your own shopping bags when you’re heading to the market, eliminate bottled water from your lives, and do some spring cleaning. Recycle what you can (consult your local recycling center for guidelines on acceptable materials and any costs) and donate any quality second-hand items to local charities or plan a garage sale.

Educate Yourself – spend some time learning about our environment and issues affecting our world’s ecosystem. Perhaps you’re interested in endangered animals, water shortages, climate change or recycling. Read an article, watch a show and expand your knowledge on what’s happening in our world from an Earth Day perspective.

Earth Day isn’t just a once a year deal. It’s a day that can prompt all of us into positive actions that benefit not only the environment, but our lives as well, and for the long run. Commit to doing something. Happy Earth Day.

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