Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

spring clean up

Spring Clean Up

Spring clean up after a long winter

Spring is nearly here. The grass is slowly appearing from underneath the dirty snow.  It’s frankly, that “ugly” time of year.  It’s also exciting – new growth, new warmth, and new life.  After a long hard winter, everyone is anxious to get outside and get things cleaned up.  But where do you start?  Here are some home maintenance tips for spring:

Exterior Inspection

How do things look?  Do you have damaged or missing shingles?  Cracks in the foundation, front steps or driveway?  How does the chimney look?  Did your outdoor lighting survive the brutal winter? If you notice damage in any of these areas, make plans to get them repaired.  Obviously, if the roof has damage that takes top priority and needs immediate attention to avoid any water issues to the interior of your home.


More than likely your gutters will need cleaning.  Remove any debris that has collected over the winter and flush out the gutters.  Also check for cracks or damage in the gutters.  Make sure the downspouts are properly directed away from the home and are clear of any debris.

Windows and Doors

Check the seals of the doors and windows to make sure air leaks are minimized.  Repair or replace damaged or loose caulk.  All these simple repairs will help you minimize your energy bills over the summer months.

Outdoor AC Unit

Make sure you have removed any leaves or debris from the outside of the unit and as needed, gently clean the coils with a spray hose, vacuum or “wet-vac.”  Also make sure the filters are cleaned or exchanged.  This is also a good time to schedule a maintenance check for your air conditioning unit with a certified HVAC technician.

Interior Inspection

It’s a good time to check a few key places on the inside of your home as well:

  • Smoke alarms/detectors – make sure the batteries are fresh and the system is in working order.
  • Sump pump – before the spring rains come, make sure the sump pump is ready to go and has a back-up energy supply if necessary.
  • Water heater – inspect it for leaks, corrosion or any evidence of problems.  If so, call in an expert!


Plans can begin to pretty-up your outdoor space!  Where will you need new plantings, fresh mulch or flowers? Have a plan ready so that when the temps are right, you can start prepping and planting.  Consider any other miscellaneous repairs that will help beautify your home as well, such as to the deck, patio or outdoor lighting.

Soon the snow will be gone for good, the cleansing rains will start and then our homes and yards will need some tender loving care.  Have your to-do list ready so when the time is right, you can tackle home maintenance projects for the spring.

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