Tips for Prepping Your Air Conditioning Unit for Summer

Make sure your AC is ready to beat the heat

Get the AC Ready for Heat!

Get the AC Ready for Heat!

While your furnace has been working overtime this winter, your air conditioning unit has been sitting idle, probably under a pile of snow, and has collected dirt, debris, leaves and junk from the past seven months.  In another 6+ weeks, things will be heating up and it might be close to time to rev up that AC unit again.  What do you need to do between now and then to get ready for the heat? Here are some tips for prepping your air conditioning unit for summer:


As the cooling season starts up, make sure your filters are clean and ready to go.  So either replace or clean your filters thoroughly before you turn on your AC unit for the first time.

Outside Unit

It also needs a good cleaning. Before you head out there, cut the power to the unit just to be safe.  Then do the following:

  • Gently remove leaves and debris from around the unit.
  • Using a lint brush or hand-held vacuum or “shop vac,” gently clean as much as possible the coils and areas you can reach safely and easily on the unit.
  • With a garden hose, spray the unit thoroughly – don’t ever use a power sprayer, just gently clean with a hose and water.  Make sure you clean debris and vacuum first, so you don’t create a bigger mess by combining water and dirt (mud!).
  • Allow the unit to sit and make sure it’s completely dry before turning the power on again and starting up the unit.

If after your general cleaning, you feel your cooling system isn’t functioning as it should, call an HVAC technician for a professional inspection and check-up.  They’ll make sure your system is in the best working condition possible so you and your family can be cool and comfortable this summer.

Minnesota furnace repair

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