Best Way to Manage Home Temperatures in Changing Seasons

Maintaining comfort between seasons

home comfort in changing seasons

Staying Comfy in Changing Seasons

It’s hard to imagine that one day, not too far down the road, we’ll be needing to kick on the air conditioning.  And then a day or so later it’ll get chilly again and we’ll need the heat back on again.  Okay, let’s face it, given the weather in Minnesota, we may need to switch it back and forth all in the same day!  What is the best way to manage temperatures in changing seasons?

Here are some simple tips to follow when we’re ‘in-between’ seasons:

  • Keep the thermostat at your regular heat setting (let’s say 68-degrees) until the heating season is completely over.
  • If the temp gets too warm outside, and then too warm inside your home, first open those windows and let the fresh air in.
  • When it gets too warm with the windows open, crank them shut and switch it over to the AC setting with the fan mode on (the fan keeps the air moving).
  • And then if and when it cools off again, switch it back to the heat setting and start all over again.

Sounds obvious, right?  Do you need to be concerned that this is hard on your heating and cooling units?  This is exactly the scenario when you’re thankful to have followed manufacturers guidelines and have had your heating and cooling units routinely checked and tuned-up.  You can have confidence that the AC unit should work on short notice (even before your official spring cleaning!).

Probably during the in-between season (April/May and again September/October) you’ll be needing to routinely manage the windows open and shut, the heat on and off, and sometimes the AC as well. And it’s all okay. Assuming you’ve done your regular maintenance, there isn’t need for concern on the back and forth between heating and cooling systems.  And it’s short-term.  Because before too long, we’ll be just in one mode and won’t that be nice!

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