How To Fix Dry Skin in the Winter Months

Combat winter’s effects on your skin

The recent stretch of extreme cold has done a lot of damage – to our emotional well-being, our pocketbooks and even our skin!  With the Minnesota winter temperatures so low and our furnaces running non-stop to keep our homes comfortable, our skin has really taken a beating.  Are you suffering from rosy cheeks, dry hands and feet, even sometimes to the point of splitting and cracking?  If so, you’re not alone; if not, you are very lucky.  Here are some tips to combat winter’s effects on our skin.


As soon as we turn on the heat, our skin starts to dry out.  It’s a fact.  Managing proper humidity levels in your home can not only make you more comfortable (reduce dry throats and nasal passages) but it can help your skin stay healthy, too.  Adding humidity to a dry house is fairly straightforward.  Use stand-alone, cool mist humidifiers or whole house humidifiers as often as you need to – just don’t forget to clean them regularly. Also be sure they’re set to the right level to avoid condensation on your windows.

Choose a good moisturizer

The favorite body lotion you use over the summer, probably isn’t good enough for the dry cold winter months.  Try something with Shea butter, since it’s a natural antioxidant as well as a moisturizing agent.  Also consider face and neck creams with humectants like aloe, hyaluronic acid, and lactic acid. Everyone has their favorite brand, and the range in price for products is enormous. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find a product you like and helps improve the dry skin issues you have during the winter. A few other tips:

  • Don’t forget that sunscreen is a good idea in the winter months – find one with at least 15 SPF for daily use.
  • With the severe cold, moisturizing may require you to increase the frequency in which you apply your product.  Moisturize head to toe, morning and night.
  • Avoid extreme treatments, like peels, during the winter months as they can be extra hard on your face and take longer to heal.

Proper outerwear

Protect your hands from the elements with quality gloves or mittens and wear something to protect your face when it’s extremely cold.  The shock to that skin (which is thinner than skin elsewhere on your body) can be very damaging.

Feet issues

Many people experience dry cracked heels in the winter.   Look for a foot product that has petroleum jelly in it and slather it on. You might consider sleeping with socks on (after applying lotion to your feet) for extra protection and time to soak in.


Once again it’s about the quality of the product.  Many lip balms create an artificial film on your lips, which reduces its self-healing abilities.  And although flavored and scented balms are fun to use, they can also dry out skin. Instead try natural-oil-infused balms or those with Shea and cocoa butter for your lip-care.

Relieving irritated winter skin starts with a home that has proper humidity levels.  Beyond that, treating your dry skin may take some trial and error with regards to products.  But there is one out there – so be patient and you will find one that is right for your needs.  If you have persistent skin issues, or raised and rash areas, you may want to consider consulting your doctor or dermatologist for expert skin care.

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