How Can You Be Sure You’re Getting a Carrier HVAC System?

Buyer beware when buying an HVAC System

Let’s say you’re starting to research for a HVAC dealer – maybe you’ve had some issues with your furnace or you just want to be ahead of the game and know what contractor you want to work with in the event the need arises in the coming winter months.  You find a dealer online with the Carrier name and logo and assume you are working with a reputable Carrier dealer, which is a reasonable assumption.  But did you know that some HVAC companies claim to be Carrier dealers yet aren’t actually registered as Carrier dealers? So, how can you be sure you’re getting a Carrier HVAC system?

Read the fine print

Many HVAC companies list many brands on their websites and can service those brands of furnaces, air conditioning or humidifying units.  But servicing a brand doesn’t make them a registered dealer and they may not sell and install Carrier equipment.  All Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers are superior leaders in the heating and cooling industry due to their professional training, years of service, 100% satisfaction guarantee and exceptional customer service business values.

The Carrier Logo isn’t enough

Similarly, just because you see the blue logo doesn’t mean they are a registered dealer! For generations the Carrier logo has stood for the highest quality in products and services, and recognized as the industry leader in HVAC.  For many dealers, that logo might simply represent a product or two that they can service within the entire line of Carrier products. Instead, to be sure, look for the Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer seal of approval.

Get it in writing

Some companies have gone so far as to talk about a Carrier model when giving a bid for a new heating or AC unit.  But, don’t assume that just because a particular brand is discussed, that will be the brand that is installed.  Get all the details in writing to confirm you’re getting the unit and brand you would like, at the price you agreed upon.

Carrier is proud of its family of dealers and their commitment to Carrier quality and service. They also work hard to ensure you understand the difference between a dealer who can service the Carrier brand and a registered Carrier dealer. Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers have earned the reputation as the most trustworthy and knowledgeable in the industry. If you’ve signed up to get the best, make sure it’s Carrier.

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