Myths About Your HVAC Air Filter

Myth busting HVAC Air Filters

Home air quality for many people is a big deal due to allergies or respiratory issues suffered by family members. Consequently, those families pay close attention to the air filters that are used in their HVAC system and make sure that they are properly maintained and changed on a set schedule. But what are some nuances that we can all benefit from? You may be surprised as we run through some myths about your HVAC Air Filter.

HVAC Air Filter Myth #1

Your air filter doesn’t need to be changed during the summer because the furnace is not being used. 

Myth! Even though your furnace is quiet and you hear your outside air conditioning unit working overtime in the summer, air is still passing through your system and the filter is still picking up debris. In fact, if you run your system fan and keep windows open during the summer months, your filters might need to be changed even more often than normal as dust often blows in from outside.

HVAC Air Filter Myth #2

Your air filters need be changed only before the change of seasons.

Big time myth. How often do you change the air filter in your HVAC System? Honestly, don’t lie. Every month? If you answered yes, then congratulations you’re following recommended intervals to change most system air filters! Typically, if you use the less expensive one inch filters, you’ll want to change those monthly. If you have a newer system with, say, 4-inch specialty filters, you may find that those need to be changed every 6 months!

HVAC Air Filter Myth #3

Expensive air filters are much better than less expensive air filters

While it’s true that you get what you pay for, we have found that sometimes expensive high end filters are not the best buy for homeowners. The reason has to do with air flow. Some high end air filters on the market, while excellent at filtering dirty air also can inhibit air flow through your home making them extremely restrictive.

Another tip to keep in mind is this: if your system was installed properly by a reputable company, there’s a good chance that the technician installed the system with a specific filter in mind – a filter that will work optimally with your specific system. Often, we as homeowners don’t know the differences from one air filter to the next and mix them up. This is not recommended and you could be causing damage to your system. Before experimenting, have a technician come out and make a recommendation for your system. Chances are you’ll get longer life from your system and save money in the long and short term.

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