Get to know your new HVAC System

Tips for the mechanically inclined HVAC owners

Typically replacing a furnace and air conditioning unit is a big deal for most families, especially since it’s not done every year or every five years. Of course, it’s not the “sexiest” thing to upgrade in your home, but it can have a significant impact on your every day comfort. So, if you’ve recently upgraded your HVAC system or plan to in the future you may find it worthwhile to have your technician or installer introduce you to some of the systems key components. Now, we realize that you may not be as mechanically inclined  as others, but it’s worthwhile to take some time to get to know your new HVAC system. Here are a few aspects you’ll want to go over with your installer:

Filter check

As part of the ongoing maintenance of your system, it’s important to understand where the air filters are located and how to change them. Changing your own filters will save you money and is critical preventive maintenance. Plus, it’s simple to do.

Blower and fan check

This is a little more technical than the filter check, but ask your technician to show you the blower and the fan. Over time, this area can gather unwanted dirt and debris so you’ll want to see how best to clean this area.

Combustion Test

You probably won’t take this on yourself, but it’s a good idea to ask your technician to perform a combustion check. this will ensure the furnace is operating efficiently and not burning copious amounts of carbon monoxide.

Vent Inspection

A vent inspection to ensure there are no obstructions is important. Your technician can show you what to look for, but again, repairs or adjustments may be best left for the professionals.

Condensate drain cleaning

For those who are mechanically inclined, this could be a task to take on yourself, otherwise, again let the pros take over. Typically on systems that are 90+ in efficiency you’ll want to be sure the condensate drain is checked and cleaned on a regular basis. Clogging can lead to problems with your heating and cooling system.

For many homeowners these items can seem big and daunting and by no means are we recommending you take on these jobs yourself, but a familiarity of these components and tests can be helpful. It might also be prudent to capture some video of the technician walking through these items. Again, not for you to perform them, but as a reminder of some of the key parts of your system.

Minnesota furnace repair

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