If it Smells Like Your Furnace is Burning Take Precautions

An annual scent of fall

You fire up the furnace on that first chilly fall morning and you smell that smell. You know the smell, it fills your home each year when you turn on the furnace for the first time, yet you don’t know what it is do you? It can’t be good, you think, “there’s something wrong with your furnace,” right? Not necessarily. When you turn on your central heat, if Fall-leavesit smells like your furnace is burning, there’s a good chance that it’s simply dust that has collected on, or near, the heat exchange.

Before calling for help, let your furnace run for at least a half hour and see if the odor subsides. If the burning smell persists you may want to explore other possible issues. Here are a couple possible culprits:

Check for rodents

It’s possible that birds or other rodents can get in your exhaust chimney and inhibit air flow. This can cause problems for your system and could produce unusual scents. Best to contact animal control if you find rodents in your exhaust chimney.

Change your air filter

A dirty air filter can make it harder for air to pass through and consequently put duress on your unit, causing your blower to work harder than it needs to. Try replacing or cleaning your filters and re-starting your system.

Call an expert

There are many symptoms that may indicate it’s time for a new furnace – and that can include burning smells, but if the odor persists more than an hour, we recommend calling an expert to check out your HVAC system. This falls under the “better safe than sorry” category and we certainly recommend you err on the side of caution.

Minnesota furnace repair

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