How to Make Your Air Conditioning Unit Last Longer

A Simple Trick to Preserve Your AC

Two words – Turtle Wax.

Okay, so the turtle wax will make the outside look great, but it will take a little more than that to keep the inside strong and sustainable. Take it from the professional himself. Minnesota Air’s Keith Hill gives us an inside perspective on measures you can take to make your air conditioning unit last longer. Sure, they may seem simple, but they just may be the trick to preserve your AC.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean

Stick to the basics first and foremost. Keep the interior and close proximate outside areas clear of leaves, growing plant life or other debris. Over time, the components of the outdoor unit can hold moisture, which could create an environment for corrosion. Also, keep the finned areas of the unit clean to ensure maximum airflow is being allowed in.

During winter months, do not use a plastic wrap cover. If no airflow is allowed through the cover, moisture can get trapped inside the wrap, which can lead to corrosion to the electrical controls. Unit covers made of breathable fabric are okay to be used on the outdoor unit. Looking for a more homemade solution? Place a piece of plywood on top of the unit and use bungee cords to tie it down. Sure, it may not look the best, but it works well and allows the unit to breathe.

Maintaining Your Inside Unit

Inside your home, maintaining proper airflow is most important. Always keep your filter clean and replace it when necessary. Depending on your system, filters should be replaced every 30 days to twice a year. Talk with your Factory Authorized Dealer about which filter is best for your unit. Also, an easy wait to maintain your inside unit is to keep registers and grilles open in every room. This helps keep airflow steady throughout your home.

In order to ensure your HVAC is running in tip-top shape, hire a professional to inspect it every few years. Only a professional can verify the refrigerant charge is correct and the airflow is proper and maintained correctly.

Minnesota furnace repair

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