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Does your furnace work harder when it’s colder?

When is your furnace working it’s hardest? You know the day is coming, don’t you? That bone chilling, brain freezing, face numbing cold day that sends us all into hibernation is on the way, and we all know it. We … Continue reading

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Get to know your new HVAC System

Tips for the mechanically inclined HVAC owners Typically replacing a furnace and air conditioning unit is a big deal for most families, especially since it’s not done every year or every five years. Of course, it’s not the “sexiest” thing … Continue reading

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Most Common HVAC Service Calls in the Fall

Most likely HVAC system problems As the season turns to fall and the nights become cooler, it may be the perfect time to fire up your furnace. You may not “need” the furnace to work just yet, but that’s even … Continue reading

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If it Smells Like Your Furnace is Burning Take Precautions

An annual scent of fall You fire up the furnace on that first chilly fall morning and you smell that smell. You know the smell, it fills your home each year when you turn on the furnace for the first … Continue reading

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How to Save Money on Your Heating and Cooling System

Rebates abound, so don’t be short changed As seasons change, many homeowners watch the weather forecast and wonder to themselves whether their HVAC system is going to perform when they really need it. Here in Minnesota, whether it’s the dog … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Air Conditioning Unit Last Longer

A Simple Trick to Preserve Your AC Two words – Turtle Wax. Okay, so the turtle wax will make the outside look great, but it will take a little more than that to keep the inside strong and sustainable. Take … Continue reading

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Why Is It an Air Conditioner and Not an Air Cooler?

Cooling vs. Conditioning Seems like a great question, right? You have an “air conditioner” that cools the air in your home so you and your family feel comfortable. But, why is it an air conditionerand not an air cooler? By any … Continue reading

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