Add an HVAC Inspection to Your New Homeowner Checklist

Keep Your HVAC at the Top of Your List

Gosh, it must feel good to be holding those brand new brass keys to your home in your hand. As a new homeowner, you’ll have an ever growing list of things you’ll discover and change to make your house your home. But, here’s the real question every new homeowner asks, what about this building do I really need to understand? The foundation? The roof? The walls? The electric? Well, all are important, but a solid understanding of your heating and cooling system should be close to the top. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, add an HVAC inspection to your new homeowner checklist.

Do I Need an AC In My House?

Does the home you just moved into have central air conditioning? Your pocketbook may be in shock after becoming a new homeowner, but keeping your HVAC at the top of your list is important to your overall comfort in your home. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are important factors in comfort and preserving your home. Properly distributed and heated, humidified, filtered air in the winter and cooled, dehumidified air in the summer keeps everyone in your home healthy and comfortable. Not to mention, it keeps your house in tip-top shape by preventing moisture problems from developing. Thinking you can save a few dollars by sticking to old-fashioned fans and cool cloths on your forehead? Think again. Advancements in HVAC technology give you the best in comfort with the lowest possible fuel bills.

Getting To Know Your HVAC

If you hired a home inspector prior to buying your new home, you’ve already completed an important first step. Your inspector should have verified the existing HVAC system and determined if there are any issues. However, since they are reviewing your entire home, inspectors don’t have the time or the expertise to do a thorough job of checking your HVAC. To ensure it is running properly, hire a professional contractor to do a deeper inspection. They will make sure all safety devices are working and check the airflow for both heating and cooling. The contractor will also be able to go through the system with you and point out maintenance items and features of your HVAC system you may not be aware of.

If you still find yourself stuck on what to do about your existing HVAC or whether or not it’s best to buy new, give one of our Factory Authorized Dealers a call to help you walk through the process.

Minnesota furnace repair

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