How To Stay Comfy at the Ballpark

Everyone is a fan of staying cool

Go Twins!

Go Twins!

We are in the heart of summer – back to school still seems far away, fourth of July bashes are over and baseball season is in full swing. As Minnesotans, we cherish our summer days and nights at the ball field. What’s better than a hot dog in one hand, an ice cold drink in the other and your favorite red, white and blue jersey? But another thing we cherish is staying cool even during the hottest innings. Here are some tips you can bring with you on how to stay comfy at the ballpark.

Wear a Hat and Sunscreen

Here in Minnesota, we are lucky to be able to cheer on our Twins in a beautiful outdoor stadium. But, with the fresh air also come the elements – both good and bad. Make sure to lather on the sunscreen before heading out to Target Field. Bring it with you for backup in case you need to reapply or share with your neighbors. Also, grab your favorite Minnesota Twins baseball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes and the rest of your body cool. You’ll fit right in with your fan apparel.

Hydrate with Water

If you’re like a lot of Twins fans, a stop for a pop or beer is first on the agenda when getting to the ballpark. Not a problem, raise a glass and cheers to that great strikeout or homerun, but make sure to have a bottle of water with you as well. When sitting in the sun, it’s easy to become dehydrated, and liquor or pop may make it worse. Go with the one for one rule – have one drink, have one bottle of water.

Find Some Shade

The last thing we should be complaining about it the sun, but if your seats seem to be directly in its rays, take a half inning to get up and find some shade on the concourse. Taking just a few minutes to cool off and have a drink of water will help to keep your cheers loud enough to last all nine innings.

Dress in Layers

If you’re headed to a night game, dress in layers. Though the sun may be harsh in the late afternoon, when it goes down, so do the temperatures. Pack a light sweatshirt to throw on during the last few innings and you’ll be comfy at the ballgame.

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