Winner of the Carrier System Giveaway is in for a Treat

The “Best System Available”

A couple weeks ago we told you about Jacqueline Zender of Litchfield who was the proud winner of our Carrier HVAC system for her home. The whole kit and caboodle, given away to Jacqueline, the lucky winner of the system valued at $15,000! We also told you how

Carrier System Giveaway

Win a new Carrier HVAC System

Kent Hrbek showed up at her doorsteps the day the system was installed. All this is good and nice, but many of you might be thinking, “sure I’d like a new system, but because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s good!” Well, we sat down with Mr. Stay Comfy Minnesota, himself, Danny Burford and talked to him about the system we will give away this year. Danny tells us that the winner of the Carrier System Giveaway is in for a treat.

“This is the best system available,” said Burford about the Carrier Infinity Gas Furnace 59MN7. Techie types will appreciate the fact that this Infinity system is a complete modulating furnace with up to 98.7% efficiency. Also included is the Infinity 25VNA variable speed heat pump and together this system will make your home more comfortable and may also save you money!

Finally, the winner will be able navigate their new system from Infinity Touch control which provides communication to all equipment in the system. This allows for fine tuning and complete diagnostics which leads to faster and more accurate repair.

So, how do you know if you need a new system? Well, the easy answer is this – if it’s broken, it’s probably time to get a new system. That said, when the cost of operation is too high, due to inefficient equipment, it’s probably time to get a new system. Or, as Danny says, “when the repair of your current system can not be justified, due to the high repair bill,” it’s probably time to get a new system.

Of course if your home is comfortable and your HVAC system is doing the job, it’s hard to justify a new one (unless you get it free!), but keep in mind, HVAC technology has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. In the 1990’s most furnaces were single stage, operating at approximately 80% efficiency and air conditioning units had a seasonal, energy, efficiency, rating (SEER) of approximately 10 SEER. Today, there are units as high as 21 SEER, which means a significant savings in utility expenses can be realized.

Finally, if you saw the video of Jacqueline Zender, the lucky winner of the 2012 system giveaway, Minnesota Twins legend, Kent Hrbek, visited Jacqueline the day the system installation was completed. You may be wondering, will “Herbie” come see me? To that, Danny answered with an enthusiastic, “maybe!”

Enter to win the new Carrier Infinity System here. Good luck and remember you can’t win your new Carrier Infinity system if you don’t enter!

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these products or technologies, contact your local Minnesota Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. You can find the one closest to you at

Minnesota furnace repair

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