How to Maintain Good Air Quality In Your Home

Keeping Your Air Clean and Pure

Nothing beats fresh air.

Nothing beats fresh air.

When you think of air pollution, you think of outside toxins such as smog or haziness in the air. But, what you don’t always notice or pay close attention to is how to maintain good air quality in your home. Smog and ozone factors come from release of emissions and toxins from cars and major manufacturing facilities – something we can’t exactly control. What you can control is the air quality inside your home. By setting some general guidelines in your home, you can help to improve the health, safety and comfort of your family.

Educate yourself

Here in Minnesota, we are fortunate to not worry much about our air quality (The snow and ice take up most of that time).  In fact, compared to other states, Minnesota rates high on overall air quality. However, high temps in the summer can lower that rating as haze and smog could settle in. Newspapers print daily air quality level, so double check the levels if you’re headed outside.

Watch for Signs

A sure sign on poor indoor air quality is excessive sneezing or general respiratory issues. If you enjoy having fresh breeze float through your home, allergens such as pollen floating into your house may be the cause of your congestion. Keep the times your windows are open to a minimum and see if it makes a difference in your health.

Keep It Tidy

Allergens and pollutants tend to gather in corners and under rugs in your home, which, if not taken care of, could lead to an unhealthy family. For effective cleaning vacuum in common areas as well as lonely corners twice a week.

Get Alerts

Sign up through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for air regulatory email updates regarding air quality in your area. Mobile apps about air quality in Minnesota are also available for iPhones, Android smartphones and Windows smartphones.

Taking these simple tips into consideration can help keep your family happy and healthy all year long.

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