Benefits of HVAC Zoning

Zoning in your home.

HVAC zoningA temperature zoning system in your home means that you can set a different temperature for each section of the house so each “zone” can have its own climate – how cool! You may be used to the conventional wisdom to buy the strongest system to heat and cool your home, but imagine a home with just one light switch that could only turn the lights on or off in the entire house. You have a similar “all or nothing” situation with a single-thermostat forced air HVAC system; to get heating or cooling where you need, it you must send it everywhere. There are more than a few reasons to install HVAC zoning in your home.

Why you should install a zoning system.

Consider a few factors before deciding to install an HVAC zoning system. Do you have:

  • Rooms that are not used often
  • A home with multiple levels
  • House levels that are partially or completely under the ground
  • Rooms that feel “stuffy”
  • Family members with different temperature preferences
  • Rooms that tend to be hotter or cooler than other areas of the house
  • A home office

I’m guessing you said yes to more than one of these, am I right or am I right? Sure you could add insulation or run fans 24/7 but you’ll still be left with highly uncontrollable temperature variances.

Benefits to residential zoning.

  • Comfort and control. Make a room exactly how you want it without disturbing anyone else in the home.
  • Efficiency. Zoning systems can save 30 percent or more on a heating and cooling bill. Areas not used can be deeply set back for maximum energy savings, while occupied areas have ideal temperature control. Overcooled or over-heated areas can additionally be eliminated.
  • Keeps it quiet. The beauty of zoning is it does not need to be continually running at peak capacity. These lower speeds result in less noise and a peaceful home.

Still not convinced? Speak with Minnesota Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer to find out if zoning is right for you, but trust me – it totally is.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these products or technologies, contact your local Minnesota Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. You can find the one closest to you at

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