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How To Stay Comfy at the Ballpark

Everyone is a fan of staying cool We are in the heart of summer – back to school still seems far away, fourth of July bashes are over and baseball season is in full swing. As Minnesotans, we cherish our … Continue reading

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Winner of the Carrier System Giveaway is in for a Treat

The “Best System Available” A couple weeks ago we told you about Jacqueline Zender of Litchfield who was the proud winner of our Carrier HVAC system for her home. The whole kit and caboodle, given away to Jacqueline, the lucky … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Air Filters

How MERV can help You’ve been there, haven’t you? In the aisle with the air filters for your HVAC system and you have something that’s causing more confusion than solutions. You have choices. Different sizes and variety of types, each … Continue reading

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How to Maintain Good Air Quality In Your Home

Keeping Your Air Clean and Pure When you think of air pollution, you think of outside toxins such as smog or haziness in the air. But, what you don’t always notice or pay close attention to is how to maintain … Continue reading

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Maintaining Your House Humidifier

The Importance of Maintaining Your Humidifier, Even in the Summer As Minnesotans, one of the (very few) nags of summer is the high humidity. Frizzy hair, sticky kitchen countertops, increased use of deodorant. Keeping your house humidifier in tip top … Continue reading

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Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Save money this summer by lowering your electricity bill. Keep cool this summer while saving some serious cash. If you’re looking to lower your utilities bill without cutting the cord to your air conditioner, we have some tips for you. … Continue reading

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Benefits of HVAC Zoning

Zoning in your home. A temperature zoning system in your home means that you can set a different temperature for each section of the house so each “zone” can have its own climate – how cool! You may be used … Continue reading

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