Summer HVAC Humidity Settings

Summer humidity levels for household comfort.

summer humidity levelsHumidity levels in the house can rise during summer months when outside air becomes sweltering. An air conditioner amplifies this effect in the same way a cold can of soda “sweats” when you take it out of the refrigerator on a hot summer day. The AC can cause your house to cool down to a level where moisture condenses within the house components.

You will need to adjust your summer humidity levels to maintain comfort and prevent damage. Follow these summer HVAC humidity tips to have a home that isn’t too dry or too humid, but just right!

  • In the summer the relative humidity should not exceed 55 percent in the main level of the house.
  • Purchase a hygrometer, which measures relative humidity and is available at most home and hardware stores, to stay near the 55 percent mark.
  • You should not operate a humidifier during the summer months.
  • The humidity may be too high if your hardwood floors show cupping or buckling.
  • Close windows to keep warm, humid, outside air from entering the house.
  • Using a dehumidifier or the air conditioner to help dry out the house may be necessary.

Keep your friends and family cool and comfy with these summer humidity tips!

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