Signs Your AC Unit Needs to be Replaced

How to know when your AC has kicked the bucket.

How to know when your AC is dying.The best offense is a good defense, am I right? Don’t wait until your air conditioner is resting in peace at the junkyard before looking into replacing it. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of summer with no air conditioner. You know it will die at the worst possible moment too. Remember that giant baby shower you agreed to host? Yep, that’s the morning your AC will die. You need to know the tell-tale signs your HVAC is about to die unless you want a house full of hormonal, heated, and very uncomfortable guests.

HVAC Warning Signs

  1. Your unit is more than 10-12 years old. That’s like 80 in human years. Let your unit retire! If you don’t remember when your unit was installed, these other clues should be dead giveaways it’s time for a new unit.
  2. If you’re spending a lot on repairs. Central air conditioning systems have shorter lifespan than furnaces because the outdoor components need higher maintenance due to their exposure to the elements and extremes in temperature. When the repair bills start stacking up, it’s time to replace. You could save lots of money in the longterm, despite the initially high cost. If you’re repairing your unit more than once a season, it’s too much.
  3. Reduced efficiency. When your air conditioner begins racking up those monthly charges more than a teenage girl with your platinum credit card, it’s time to replace. AC parts become inefficient as they age, adding to your utility bill.

Call your local Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer if you’re experiencing these warning signs from your AC!

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these products or technologies, contact your local Minnesota Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. You can find the one closest to you at

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