Does Running Your Fan Save On Energy Costs?

Tech Tips: Running Your HVAC Fan

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Does Running Your Fan Save Energy?

On versus auto. It’s the debate that has been plaguing homeowners since the invention of air conditioning. But really, which HVAC setting is correct? Does running your fan save on energy costs? Or is it more energy efficient to have your fan set for “auto?” These are questions that keep some people up all night! Okay, that may be overstating matters.

HVAC Fan 101

Let’s assume you have a central air system with the blower motor (fan) located inside the home. These are usually closed loop systems that circulate conditioned air (hot or cold) throughout the home using wall, ceiling, or floor vents. There are larger vents that collect air and return it to the fan to be re-conditioned and then distributed throughout the home again. There is a filter in the loop, usually located in the air handler where the fan is located. The filter cleans the air before it is re-distributed.

The fan moves the air throughout the home with the help of the duct system. In the auto mode, the fan only comes on when the heating or AC comes on. During the summer when there can be vast temperature differences between rooms in your house, the on mode is your best option.

The simplest, most in-expensive way to overcome temperature difference is by turning the fan switch on your thermostat to the ON position. This will circulate the air throughout your home, keeping it consistently cool. The fan motor costs pennies a day to run, a much more affordable option than setting your thermostat to a lower temperature.

Ding, ding, ding! Folks, it looks like we have a winner! Keep your fan running with the on mode for low utility bills and optimum comfort.

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