Prevent Flood Damage to Your HVAC Unit

Protect your HVAC equipment from flood damage.

Protect your HVAC equipment from flood damage.

Even though temperatures are still in the single digits in Minnesota, March 20 marks the beginning of spring and the hopeful return of rain. Rainfall combined with heavy snowfall melting is a combination for flooding in many parts of the state. Your home and personal items may be high on your list of things to protect, and it seems HVAC equipment often is forgotten. The industrial equipment may seem heavy-duty, but has intricate circuitry easily ruined by floods. Here’s how to minimize that damage.

Preventative Measures
It may be too late to move away from a flood-prone area, but you can move your HVAC. Look into what historically flood levels have been around your home. Your technician can then place the unit in the safest area.

Such protective measures include:

  • Building a retaining wall.
  • Moving equipment to the second floor or attic.
  • Building an elevated platform.
  • Installing a sump pump.

Purchase insurance before a flood.
Those of you experiencing flooding, can’t you just hold out for federal disaster assistance instead of purchasing flood insurance?

Hardly. Federal disaster assistance is declared in less than half of all flooding incidents. Besides, the annual premium for a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policy is less expensive than the interest on most federal disaster loans. The only real option is to get insured before the loss. Even if a federal grant or loan is awarded to you after a major flood, you’ll probably be required to use part of the proceeds to purchase a NFIP policy.

Read the fine print carefully when choosing plans. Find out specifics of the plan in regards to HVAC equipment.

What if there has already been flood damage?
A flood may put you in panic mode, but once the water has receded take the time to work very closely with an insurance agent. Every step should be documented so you do not receive a huge bill in the end. Even if you’re in a hurry to get your system running again, check out reviews of HVAC technicians to choose a reputable contractor.

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