Keeping your family healthy over winter

The stories are all over the news – there’s no denying cold and flu season has hit Minnesota. Hard. We’re especially susceptible to colds and the flu during the winter months when the cold weather and snow keeps us cooped up inside, surrounded by each others’ germs. So how do you protect yourself and your family from the cold and flu bug? Here are tips:

The Minnesota Department of Health reminds us of the difference between a cold and the flu:

  • A cold generally stays up in the head while the flu brings body aches, fever, and extreme fatigue. A person with a cold will usually keep up his or her normal activities, while someone with the flu will often feel too sick to do so.
  • Influenza (or flu) symptoms come on quickly in the form of fever, dry cough, sore throat, headache, extreme tiredness, stuffed-up nose, and body aches. These symptoms can be severe and put you in bed for several days.

Here’s to a happy and healthy winter season to all of our readers and fans!

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