Increase the efficiency of your furnace: Comfort Heat Technology from Carrier

Slip on some socks.
Kick off your socks.

Grab a cup of hot chocolate to warm up.
Take a sip of ice water to cool down.

Put on your snuggie.
Take off your snuggie.

Isn’t it funny how temperature swings in your home can also result in mood swings? Isn’t is frustrating to be constantly trying to adjust to your home’s temperature? You see, many furnaces just know how to do two things: Turn on and heat to warm the place up, or turn off completely and wait for the temperature to drop low enough to start the process all over again. Not only does this create temperature swings, it creates inefficiencies.

If you find this to be the case in your house, perhaps it’s time to look into a better heating solution. The Carrier Comfort Heat Technology feature is designed to consistently maintain any temperature you want.

It’s a pretty simple concept, but requires a furnace that can learn to get it done. What happens is the furnace actually remembers what it takes to heat your home. In fact, it remembers the last 10 times it turned on and it took notes, so that the next time it turns on it can do it with as little effort as possible. By running in low fire for a longer period of time, the furnace can use the least amount of energy while giving you the greatest benefit. It can:

  • Reduce temperature swings by up to 50%
  • Operate at an energy efficient, low-heating capacity the majority of the time
  • Be much quieter because low fire cycles reduce noise
  • Keep air flowing more consistently through your home so warmer air has less chance to rise toward the ceiling

And, if you have an air purifier or humidifier, that means those systems have more operating time to do their jobs better, too.

The Comfort Heat Technology feature is available in Infinity modulating furnaces as well as both Infinity and Performance 2-stage furnaces.

Minnesota furnace

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