Halloween Home Safety Tips

Minnesota HalloweenWhen Halloween arrives, kids are focused on candy, treats, and costumes. Adults, however, need to key in on safety. Did you know that more kids die from being struck by a car on Halloween than on any other day of the year?  For parents, that fact is scarier than any costume. In addition to driving very slowly, carefully and alertly that night, here are more tips from Stay Comfy, Minnesota to ensure that everyone’s Halloween is, in fact, a happy one.

Remind Kids to Walk Safely: While trick-or-treating, make sure that you tell kids to walk carefully, not run; watch out for cars; and be on alert for anything they could trip over when going from house to house.

Turn Lights On: Turn on your outdoor lights so that kids can see more easily. If your yard is dark, you may want to set up a temporary spotlight to improve visibility. Skip candles and luminaries, which can be fire hazards. Make sure that lit Jack-O-Lanterns are set apart from where kids (and their flowing costumes) might be crowding together near the front door.

Clear Paths: Make sure that all paths to your door are safe and clear. Check for uneven walkway stones, loose stairs or railings, and large holes in your driveway, sidewalk or lawn. Also make sure that your yard is cleared of any fallen branches, forgotten hoses, toys, athletic gear and other items that could trip kids as they cut across yards going door to door. If you have yard decorations, make sure that they are away from the natural flow of foot traffic.

Lock up Pets: Make sure that dogs and cats are kept away from your front door so that they don’t dart out and either trip or bite your visitors.

Taking safety precautions can help your neighborhood’s princesses, pirates, and pandas get home safe and sound. Plus it ensures that they easily get to your door and happily leave with treats—so that you’re not stuck with all that leftover Halloween candy.

Minnesota Carrier

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