Best Furnace for My Budget

We all have household budgets, and no matter what your budget is, if you’re like me you want to get the best quality for your dollar. When it comes to your furnace, how do you determine what’s the best option for your budget?  For Minnesota heating help, we turn to the Minneapolis HVAC experts at Stay Comfy, Minnesota for ideas on what factors to look at when buying a furnace.

The first step is contacting your Carrier factory authorized dealer in Minnesota so that you know you’re dealing with a knowledgeable furnace expert. When your representative comes to your home, he or she will determine your home’s load calculation—that’s how much heat is needed to warm your home, even when it’s really cold outside. That and the size of your home will establish what size furnace you need. From there you can discuss your personal preferences and what bells and whistles you would like.

Minnesota furnace


Infinity Series: This is the top-of-the-line option. It’s quiet, efficient, and has a modulating compressor, which automatically adjusts its heat output. This is different than other models, where the furnace is either running at 100 percent or at zero percent—the Infinity series has various levels. It also has an automatic staging timer which will switch between the heat pump and furnace as needed. The heat pump uses “Greenspeed” technology to transfer heat from outside into your home—even when it’s cold outside. It works like your air conditioner, only in reverse.

Minnesota furnace


Performance Series and Comfort Series: These are high-quality furnace options. The biggest difference between these two and the Infinity are that they might be less quiet, have slightly lower efficiency ratings, and don’t have the number of nuances. However, they are still excellent options and are efficient enough to help you save money on your heating bills.

Once your Carrier expert helps you determine what your home needs in a furnace, you can see if there are rebates available, analyze efficiency versus cost and hear about warranties and other factors. No matter your budget, you will find the furnace that’s best for both your home and your budget, leaving you comfy and cozy this winter.

minnesota furnace

For more energy saving and home comfort tips, visit! Stay Comfy, Minnesota is your Minnesota resource for air conditioning repair, furnace repair and HVAC tips and advice.

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  1. Steve Dune says:

    Thank you for giving this advise to choose this company for furnace. Its great my problem is solved thank you once again…

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