Do I turn the AC on and off? Transitioning from summer to fall weather

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I love the fall season, but the weather can be hard to plan for.  You might need a coat in the morning but shorts in the afternoon.  You turn the heater on in your car as you head in to work but have the sunroof open on your lunch break.  The dramatic ups and downs of Minnesota weather can also make it tricky to keep your house a steady and comfortable temperature.

As far as the AC goes—should you turn it off and on or leave it on?  If it’s 80 during the day but in the 50s at night—which is not uncommon in Minnesota in the fall—what strategy is best?  Here’s a little Twin Cities air conditioning help.

The official home comfort Minnesota answer is—there is no official answer!  That’s because what you choose to do depends on the preference of your household’s members.  For example, for allergy sufferers’ comfort you should keep the windows closed and the AC on.  Mold counts in particular can spike this time of year, causing headaches, congestion and runny noses.

If no one in your home has seasonal allergies, you might want to open the windows at night and close them during the day.  Usually the house will stay relatively cool, and then you can open the windows again at night after the heat of the day is done.

If you have a programmable thermostat, you can keep the AC on but have it set higher during the day when you’re gone.  The AC will only run when it needs to, depending on the temperature you set your thermostat.  This is the best way to be energy efficient.  What you don’t want to do is turn the air off and on as you run in and out of the house during your day.  That’s going to waste electricity because your AC unit will be working extra hard to cool down everything in the home during the scattered hours that it’s on.

To recap—our Stay Comfy, Minnesota advice is that it’s a matter of taste and should be determined by the people who live in the home.  The good news is that this is a temporary problem.  Cold snaps are on their way, and then our AC strategies will be on hold as the cold season begins and our furnaces take over.

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