Top three energy saving tips for summer

Uff-da! It sure has been a hot summer here in Minnesota! One of the warmest on record, I do believe. While the warm weather has us all grateful for the indoor comfort a central air conditioning unit provides, it doesn’t necessarily also make us grateful for the increase energy bill that comes with running the AC for days on end.

So what’s a Minnesotan to do? Here are Stay Comfy Minnesota’s top three energy saving tips for summer (don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you turn off the AC completely!):

1. Close your blinds: Radiant sunlight can quickly heat up your house, making your AC work harder and costing you money. Simply shutting the blinds to block this heat can help conserve energy.

2. Adjust your thermostat: When you’re not at home, adjust your thermostat up a few degrees. No need to keep your home at your ideal comfort level when you’re not there. Just remember to turn it back down when you come back home.

3. Reduce the number of times you open and close your door: The more times you open and close the front door, the more heat you let in to your home. Reduce the number of times you go in and out and reduce your energy bill!

energy saving tips

For more energy saving and home comfort tips, visit! Stay Comfy, Minnesota is your Minnesota resource for air conditioning repair, furnace repair and HVAC tips and advice.

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