Do I need to change my furnace filter in the summer?

Did you know that a dirty filter is one of the most common reasons for expensive air conditioner / HVAC  service calls here in Minnesota? In the spring we all like to open our windows and let the fresh air in, but we are also letting in dust and dirt. And when the furnace blower is running, the air in the house is circulated, stirring up that dust and dirt. Thankfully we have our air filter to collect the debris from our furnace blower.

If you are not changing your furnace filter regularly, the debris circulating in your home will begin to build up, causing the filter to become restricted (not allowing the proper airflow required for A/C operation). When there is insufficient air flow across the A/C coil (evaporator) the furnace is starved of airflow and the temperature of the refrigerant drops below 32 degrees. This can become a problem because the air being circulated has moisture in it and that moisture will freeze when it hits the cold coil. As the A/C continues to run, moisture-filled air will continue to freeze and you’ll end up with a big block of ice sitting above your furnace!

Most air conditioners today have safety features to protect the compressor (the heart of the A/C system), but this doesn’t always keep you safe from a water problem. The safety will shut the compressor down, but then the ice will melt, causing water to drip down the furnace, potentially damaging electronic components in the furnace.

A complete Carrier Infinity system is designed to protect the system from this situation. The Carrier Infinity System user interface will alert the homeowner to a dirty air filter with the True Sense Filter Detection. The complete Carrier Infinity system can also shut the A/C down if it recognizes a change in airflow during operation.

Minnesota air conditioner

Carrier Infinity® Series Central Air Conditioner

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