Heating and Cooling Frequently Asked Questions…

…And answers from the heating and cooling experts!

March 14th is International Ask a Question Day, and when it comes to home heating and cooling, there is no shortage of questions! Homeowners want to know what to look for in their heating and cooling equipment, how to save money on energy and how to properly maintain their air conditioner and furnace.

So to celebrate this day of inquiry, I spoke with Danny, a heating and cooling expert with Stay Comfy, Minnesota (you may remember him from our heating and cooling videos!), to help answer some frequently asked home heating and cooling questions.

How often do I need to re-charge my air conditioner?
As often as you re-charge your refrigerator! Home A/C’s are sealed systems, just like refrigerators and freezers. If the unit needs to be recharged, that
means there is a leak, and the leak should be located and repaired. It is not like a car A/C that uses the car engine to drive the compressor, those need recharging once in a while due to leaking around a mechanical seal. Residential air conditioners are completely sealed and should never need recharging.

My children have allergies, and my doctor says air conditioning
helps. Can I use my air conditioner year round?
As a rule of thumb air conditioners should only be operated above 55 degrees outdoor temperature, however accessories can be installed to allow operation down to 0 degrees. In reality, the doctor usually means that a lower humidity environment with filtered air is better for allergy sufferers. In the winter months the air is dry already, so running the A/C will not help. Using a good filter that captures pollen and dander would be helpful year round for allergy sufferers.

Is it important to have your systems maintained annually?
Yes! A properly maintained HVAC system will last longer and be more reliable during severe weather, especially during the temperature highs and lows we see here in Minnesota. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” definitely applies to heating and cooling systems.  Also, you will spend
less money on electricity and gas if the system is operating at peak performance.

heating and cooling questions

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