Great question! To help you save energy and money and make a difference for the environment, Carrier is proud to offer heating and air conditioning products with the ENERGY STAR label.

Products that earn the ENERGY STAR designation use less energy and prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. With energy costs and global warming top-of-mind for consumers, Carrier is committed to offering solutions that help consumers conserve energy and improve the quality of our environment.

How ENERGY STAR can save you money on energy
Did you know, the typical household spends $1,900 a year on energy bills? With ENERGY STAR, you can save nearly $600 on energy bills. By choosing Carrier ENERGY STAR qualified products, you can start saving annually on your energy bills.

How ENERGY STAR makes a difference for the environment
Did you know that the average house can be responsible for twice the greenhouse gas emissions as the average car? That’s because every time you flip on a light switch, run your dishwasher, or turn on your air conditioner, you use energy, which means more greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. So the more energy we can save through energy efficiency, the more we help to reduce greenhouse gases and the risks of global warming.

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