How to sleep better: What is your ideal sleeping temperature?

Welcome to National Sleep Comfort Month! There is no way we would let a holiday that involves getting a good night’s sleep pass us by! Most people are aware that the temperature of your sleeping area plays a huge role in how well you sleep – you know how hard it is to get to sleep and stay asleep when you are way too hot or way too cold. But do you know the biological reason behind this need for an ideal sleeping temperature?

According to, when you go to sleep, your set point for body temperature, the temperature your brain is trying to achieve, goes down. It’s sort of like an internal thermostat, if it’s too cold or too hot, the body struggles to achieve this set temperature, making sleep more difficult.

That mild drop in body temperature induces sleep. Generally, if you are in a cooler vs. overly-warm room, it is easier for sleep to come. But if the room becomes uncomfortably hot or cold, you are more likely to wake up. The comfort level of your bedroom temperature also especially affects the quality of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the stage in which you dream.

So what’s the best temperature for sleeping? Unfortunately, recommending a specific range is difficult as every person’s internal thermostat is different. Typically, it is  recommended to keep the room between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you are having trouble sleeping, try adjusting your thermostat to find your ideal sleeping temperature.

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