Home checklist before you go on vacation

We’ve hit that midpoint of summer where it comes down to vacation or bust. Families are scrambling to squeeze in one last vacation together before school and busy schedules keep everyone on a short leash. But in your haste to hit the road, don’t forget to do a few simple home maintenance tasks to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient while you’re on vacation.

  • Unless there is something in your home that could suffer heat damage, turn your heat pump or air conditioner off. If you prefer to leave it on, set the thermostat at 85 to 90 degrees. For each degree you raise the temperature, you’ll save 2 to 3% on the cooling part of your electric bill.
  • If you’re going away for a few days, turn your refrigerator’s thermostat control to a slightly warmer setting. If you’ll be gone for an extended vacation (four weeks or more) you may want to turn it off. If so, thoroughly clean it out and prop the door open to prevent mildew from forming.
  • Turn off all lights, except those you need for security. Use timers to control those lights which are left on for security purposes.

Carrier also offers many product solutions to keep your home comfortable while you are away. The Carrier Infinity Home Heating and Air Conditioning System allows you to adjust heating or cooling levels room by room or hour by hour from any location via remote access. And with the Infinity System’s “Vacation Mode,” you can set your system at energy-saving levels while you are away.

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