Preventative maintenance on your air conditioner pays off

Sometimes you have to spend money to save money. Case in point, by spending a little money on preventative maintenance on your air conditioning unit you can save big money in the long run.

Carrier Infinity® Series Central Air Conditioner

To keep your air conditioner running efficiently there are a few simple, relatively inexpensive things homeowners can do:

  • Change the furnace filter regularly – 1” filters should be changed every 30-60 days and 4” filters should be changed every 4-6 months.
  •  Keep your air conditioner clear of debris and vegetation and keep the outside coil clean.

Failure to do these maintenance tasks could result in your air conditioner working harder than it has to, causing higher utility bills and a shorter lifespan of the unit.

There are a couple major repairs that you should try to avoid – compressor replacement and evaporator coil replacement. These repairs, if not covered under warranty, usually result in a higher service repair cost than an installation of a whole new unit.

To avoid these costly repairs, keep your air conditioner well cleaned and maintained by following the tips bulleted above. Regular professional inspection of the electrical components will also help you avoid these repairs.

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