Moving to a new home? What you need to look for when it comes to heating and cooling:

If you’re considering moving to a new home, your head is probably already swimming with all of the advice you are receiving from family and friends regarding finances, construction and location. But don’t forget to also talk to an expert about what to look for when it comes to the energy efficiency of the heating and cooling unit in your prospective new home.

Here are some questions to ask regarding heating and cooling units in a prospective home:

  • How old is the system?
  • What is the current energy efficiency of the system?
  • Has the system been maintained?

The best way to answer all of your questions is to have an HVAC professional come out and inspect the unit.

If you find you need to replace the unit, here are some things to look for:

  • Dependable name brand
  • High energy efficiency
  • Reputable contractor

Andy, from Peak Heating & Cooling, recommends getting at least three different estimates before making a purchasing decision.

Although it is important to inspect the heating and cooling unit in any house you are considering buying, don’t shy away from your dream home due to the HVAC equipment. As long as you do your research and consult and an HVAC professional you make any home, old or new, a comfy place to live!

Andy, Peak Heating & Cooling

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