Our Favorite Warm Weather Activities in Minnesota

Summer Activities in Minnesota

The shovels have been put away and patio furniture is making its return from storage. Along with making plans to enjoy the warm temperatures at home, families everywhere in Minnesota are shifting gears and making plans for summer day trips and getaways. Whether you’re looking for arts experiences or family-friendly entertainment, there is something for everyone during the summer in Minnesota. Here are our favorite warm weather activities:

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How to Celebrate Earth Day

Projects for Earth Day this April

The arrival of spring alone, is something worth celebrating in Minnesota. Another important day is April 22, Earth Day. Started in 1970, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement. For all of us, it is a day to do something friendly for the environment – something that is simple but significant. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day.


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Reasons We Love Our Minnesota Twins

Minnesotans are loyal fans of our Minnesota Twins baseball team. We seem to have a love/hate relationship with all our sports teams, but probably more so with the Twins than any other team. Every season we start with fresh hopes and dreams and they give us a ride for sure. Many times (lately) they land near the bottom, but they’re also the team that has given Minnesota two World Championships – so we can’t ever give up on our favorite team. Here are a few reasons why we love our Minnesota Twins.

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How to Know When to Buy a New Air Conditioning Unit

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Tips and When to Buy a New Unit

The sun is higher in the sky, warming things quickly. The yard is slowly losing its winter-brown for shades of green, and buds are now starting to show in the trees. Have these changes in the weather prompted you to start thinking about the cooling season yet? Very soon you’ll be turning on that air conditioning unit for its inaugural run. Will it cool things as it should? Or will you be forced to make a service call and sweat it out (literally) until an HVAC technician can make a visit. Is it fixable? How will you know when it’s time to buy a new air conditioning unit?

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Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

spring clean up

Spring Clean Up

Spring clean up after a long winter

Spring is nearly here. The grass is slowly appearing from underneath the dirty snow.  It’s frankly, that “ugly” time of year.  It’s also exciting – new growth, new warmth, and new life.  After a long hard winter, everyone is anxious to get outside and get things cleaned up.  But where do you start?  Here are some home maintenance tips for spring:

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Tips for Prepping Your Air Conditioning Unit for Summer

Make sure your AC is ready to beat the heat

Get the AC Ready for Heat!

Get the AC Ready for Heat!

While your furnace has been working overtime this winter, your air conditioning unit has been sitting idle, probably under a pile of snow, and has collected dirt, debris, leaves and junk from the past seven months.  In another 6+ weeks, things will be heating up and it might be close to time to rev up that AC unit again.  What do you need to do between now and then to get ready for the heat? Here are some tips for prepping your air conditioning unit for summer:

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When is the Best Time to Service Your HVAC System

How to choose an HVAC contractor.Know when to service your HVAC system and save money

Ask most people when they service their furnace or air conditioning unit and they’ll probably tell you they have it serviced when it breaks! Of course. However there are a couple simple problems with this type of thinking. First, when you live by this service cycle, you’re right there with every other person who needs repair help – on the hottest or coldest day of the year. Most homeowners have no clue when is the best time to service your HVAC system, or that it should be serviced.

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